Domaine Le Conte des Floris

Region Languedoc, France

Winemaker Daniel le Conte des Floris

Many moons ago Daniel worked in movie production near Paris. He got to the point where he wanted a simpler life and moved to Burgundy to learn winemaking and ended up buying land in Languedoc to start his winery. That was over 20 years ago and today Daniel’s wines really stand out amongst his neighbors. Organic farming is easy in this area of France because of the heat and the wind that comes off the ocean and dries out all vines. Most of the wines end up with high alcohol due to the heat. Daniel’s passion for Burgundy style wines means he manages to have elegant wines with some of the lowest alcohol levels we’ve seen in the area. His winery is a simple garage with insanely old oak barrels lined up on the walls.

Philosophy: Daniel’s vines are certified organic but he goes far beyond those standards. It’s fairly obvious when you walk through his vineyard and see how wild it is. He is located in the village of Pézénas, one of the highest elevation villages of the Coteaux du Languedoc. The wines have a very evident freshness and vibrancy due to the wide temperature swing from night to day. The whites benefit from the extra acidity and compete very well with those from the Northern Rhône. The reds have the characteristic Southern French "funk", but are very well balanced by fruit and structure. The wines are spontaneously fermented, natural, and well made.


Winery Data

Vineyard Size7 hectares

Total Winery Production2100 cases

Average Yield25-35 HL/H

FarmingCertified Organic

Something RandomDaniel used to work in movies in Paris!

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