Sauvignon Blanc Klassic STK 2018

Winery Weingut Hannes Sabathi

Region Steiermark, Austria

Grapes Sauvignon Blanc 100%
ProfileAromatic, juicy, rocky. This Sauvignon Blanc pleases everyone that has an affinity for this grape. The aromatic intensity of New Zealand (almost), the fruit ripeness of California, the rockiness of Sancerre, and the structure that is unmistakably Styrian.
Grape GrowingHannes grows his grapes with care and without using pesticides or herbicides.
WinemakingThe grapes are picked from a series of sites in Southern Styria. The sites range in elevation from 250-550 meters. All vinification is done in stainless steel tanks using native yeasts.
More About the WineHannes has been running the winery since he was 18. His philosophy is that he likes to make an old world style of wines having the wine reflect the land. He belongs to the STK group which only consists of 10 classical Styrian wineries that pool their resources to promote the quality and the unique properties of Styrian wines. Winemaking is very difficult in this area because of the rain and recent trend of hail throughout the growing season. The slopes are very steep making the manual harvesting a difficult task. As it is very difficult to be truly organic here we are excited to work with Hannes who does his best to farm as clean as possible and set a new standard in the region. Due to the region's influence from the Adriatic Sea to the south, it is quite warm and humid here. Grapes must be grown on slopes at least 200 meters up so as to protect them from rot. The slopes should also face south, east, or west to escape the cold northerly wind in the winter months. It is one of the few net wine importing regions in the world, meaning they bring in more wine from the outside than they actually produce! We believe all the challenges of this region are worth experiencing the incredible Sauvignon Blanc wines that are made here.

Wine Data



TA6.3 g/L

RS1.9 g/L

Sulfur80 ppm

Soillimestone, gravel, chalk, loam


Vineyard Age6-35 years

Production Size2500 bottles

PairingSalad, Vinaigrette, White fish, Green beans, Asparagus Cuisines: Indian, Australian, French, Peruvian, Chinese, Thai, Carribean

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