Bliss Wine Imports
Organic, Biodynamic, Natural Wines
We import natural wines and sell them to high-end restaurants and boutique wine shops through our network of distributors.
We also sell them directly to like-minded people through our wine club.

We only import and sell wine from small vineyards. We never sell mass-produced wine, closeout wine or sub-par wine at a discount.

Organic, Biodynamic,
Dry Farmed

Not many people care as much about farming as we do. Our winemakers never use harsh synthetic chemicals in the vineyards because it's not healthy for them and it's not good for the grapes.


Everybody's talking about sulfur in wine. Our winemakers don't use any sulfur, or use very little sulfur in the winemaking process. All our wines are under 80ppm and most are under 50ppm.


We like to double check everything by lab testing each wine, ensuring you know what you're getting.

People have good things to say

  • "Everything about Alleah's approach to importing – meeting the producers face to face, handpicking the wines, and connecting the consumer with the winemakers – appeals to me. The wines capture a sense of time and place in a bottle. Those of us who participated in the tasting quickly realized we were tasting the future of wine importing and it sure is blissful."

    - Elizabeth Smith

    "I'm already a big fan of the wines of Portugal and I was very impressed with the selections Alleah poured."

    - Marcy Gordon

    "So far everything has been very unique, which being from the [San Francisco] Bay Area is a breath of fresh air."

    - Warren Muller

  • "I have followed the Bliss Wine Imports story on Facebook for months now. I have been totally impressed by their journey to find the best tasting wines at the best value. Most wine buying groups are just finding the wine they like that is already in the USA. Bliss goes to the source and finds the best!"

    - Jason Reid

    "This wine blew me away. It seemed more complex than other reds I've had, and just had a sophistication to it that I loved. It wasn't overly fruity and the floral nature to it was nice but not overbearing. It went really well with our meal and was a great conversation piece with our guests."

    - Neil Rieger

    "As an entrepreneur and someone that likes 'real' wines, I'm intrigued by what Bliss is doing. We had so many reasonably priced, excellent wines in France that we just can't get here. Getting access to wines like that is very cool."

    - Steve Betz

  • "The wine is stellar. We're both loving it."

    - Joseph Hovespian

    "Great people, great wines, quality service, and, oh yeah...a SUPERIOR website with all the info you could ever need on their wines. 5 stars only because that's as high as it goes."

    - Marci Rochester

    "I brought a bottle to my neighbor's dinner party, and it was a big hit! What a way to impress my new neighbors! I'm looking forward to tasting the next collection!"

    - Pilar Newman