Bodegas Tritium

Region Rioja, Spain

Winemaker Francisco Rubio

Francisco is the winemaker for Tritium. He is known as 'El Largo' because he has a reputation for being one of the best in the area. His grandfather planted the vines in the early 1900s. In the 1970s everyone in the Rioja dug up their old vines and replanted with new ones to get bigger yields for economic gain. They all thought Francisco was crazy for keeping his old vines. Today his vines are unique and his wines unparalleled. Tritium is the Latin name for the town where the original winery was located, Tricio. The original winery is ancient and they stopped making wine there 20 years ago. Now it is the perfect place for dinner parties and drinking copious amount of wine. Not that we have... ahem... ever been there for any of that. The Tritium brand makes 200k bottles per year, but Francisco guards the grapes from the old vines in a special little winery connected to his house which produces less than 18,000 bottles per year. These are the ones we import.

Philosophy: These vines are over 100+ years old and the soil is very rocky and so no tractors can come through the vineyards. Francisco farms organically but in reality these old vines know how to make really good grapes. They only produce about 1kg of grapes per vine but they are in perfect condition. Francesco lets the wine ferment spontaneously in very old barrels. The wines stays in barrel for 2 years and all the sediment sinks to the bottom. The wine is then bottled without fining or filtering.


Winery Data

Total Winery Production1500 cases


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