Rosso di Caspri 2013

Winery Fattoria di Caspri

Region Tuscany, Italy

Grapes Sangiovese 100%
ProfileHighly complex and bursting with flavor. Showcases tart red fruit. Integrated tannins.
Grape GrowingOrganic and biodynamic farming. Biodynamic vegetable crops are rotated around the property. Vineyard is completely surrounded by forest protecting it from chemicals and yeasts from other wineries. Grapes are harvested by hand and put in small boxes.
WinemakingThe winery is on the property and grapes spontaneously ferment in non-temperature controlled open neutral barrels and then age for 10-22 months. All wines undergo the same process. No corrections are made in the winery. Unfined, unfiltered. The wines have never touched metal and had zero sulfur addition, not even at bottling.
More About the WineHere’s the thing about Bertrand Habsiger: You know how there’s a big difference between a person who does yoga, or even teaches yoga, and a true yogi? Well, Bertrand doesn’t just farm biodynamically. He is a biodynamicist. He lives his whole life and makes all his decisions using biodynamic principles and in accordance with the biodynamic calendar. He picked out the property for his Fattoria Di Caspri winery over 10 years ago, when he was commissioned by a friend to go to Italy and make the most natural wine possible. What does “the most natural wine possible” even mean? Easy answer: No synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. No added yeasts. No acidification. No filtering. No additives. Nothing put in, nothing taken out. Organic. Biodynamic. One thing we’ve learned by tasting a lot of organic and biodynamic wine is that it doesn’t immediately mean that the wine tastes good. But in the case of Bertrand’s Caspri wines, it does.

Wine Data


TA6.9 g/L

RS2.3 g/L

SulfurZero sulfur addition

SoilLight, sandy soil mixed with decomposed gneiss and clay


Vineyard Age6-45 years

Case Production650

PairingTomato based sauce, Beets, Duck, Ossobucco, Cuisines: Central Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Balkan, Sicilian

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